Dwarf European Olive Tree - Indoors or Out - 4" pot - Bucida spinosa

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European Olive trees are a staple in the dazzling panorama of the Mediterranean sea. They are fruiting trees that thrive in sunshine; the species is well established in California, and it has become a popular ornamental in many southeastern United States landscapes.They can reach up to 50 feet in both height and spread, though this can take decades – there are many specimens still in excellent health that are hundreds of years old! Typically, European Olives grow to be 20 to 30 feet tall.They keep their silver-green leaves year round and produce clusters of 15 to 30 small white flowers in Spring. The well known fruit of the European Olive is a fleshy drupe that contains a hard, single seed. When ripe, the fruit turns a purple black. This fruit can be plentiful and will drop from the tree – keep this in mind when choosing a placement for your new Olive.
  • Proper name: Bucida
  • Great indoor bonsai tree or house plant
  • Prefers sun
  • Makes a unique gift
  • Immediate shipping