Dunce Cap Orostachys iwarenge Succulent House Plant - 4" Mini Hanging Basket

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Orostachys Iwarenge, also known as Dunce’s Cap or Chinese Dunce Cap, is a small perennial that belongs to the flowering plant family Crassulaceae, Genus Orostachys. It is a monocarpic lavender succulent (only blooms once in its life) that produces small flowers and plenty of offsets. Chinese Duncecap is very easy to grow and to propagate, especially if you’re familiar with Hens and Chicks and other Sempervivum and Crassulaceae succulents. The name of the plant refers to its long bloom stalks with a conical shape that can reach 6 inches (15 cm) and that produce white and yellow flowers. This delicate, soft succulent is native to Japan, Mongolia, and Northern China and it thrives in frigid mountainous regions so it’s suitable for USDA hardiness zones 5-10. It can be grown outdoors year-round in zones 6+ and it can tolerate frost by becoming dormant during the cold months and re-sprouting in spring. Orostachys Iwarenge succulents make great ground covers and grow happy and healthy if they get good drainage, full sun, and cool temperatures overnight. They are quite drought-tolerant but they do need watering during their growing season. To avoid overwatering, apply the ‘soak and dry’ technique and cut back on water during the dormancy season.
  • Prefers morning sun or very bright, indirect light
  • Water thoroughly when dry
  • Easy to grow succulent house plant
  • Collector's Series
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" hanging pot with saucer