Delft Blue Hyacinth 5 Bulbs -Soft Blue/White- Fragrant - 15/16 cm Bulbs

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Netherlands Hyacinth Delft Blue
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"Delft Blue" opens soft blue florets with each petal edged in white. A really magnificent flower. Planting Hyacinths: Daffodils may be the symbol of spring. Tulips add dramatic color. But its the hyacinths that bring the perfume. One of the most powerfully fragranced blooms in the flower kingdom is the justly famous Dutch hyacinth--the result of hundreds of years of hybridizing a lovely little wildflower from Turkey--now an upright torch of incredible color and unmatched perfume. Plant your hyacinth bulbs close together for a dramatic display, either in groups of one color or as a rainbow of several shades. Many gardeners think they look best in close groups of 3, 5 or more. Hyacinths must have good drainage, so be sure to plant them where they'll never be in standing water. With some shade, the flowers will last longer than in full sun. And next spring, don't forget to stop and smell the hyacinths!
  • Soft blue florets with each petal edged in white
  • Zones 2-10
  • Mature Height: 10-12 inches
  • 15/16 cm bulbs
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