Cool Flame Large Cupped Daffodil 8 Bulbs - 14/16cm Bulbs

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Narcissus 'Cool Flame'. The cup of 'Cool Flame' starts out a soft coral, then deepens to nearly red, while the bone white petals stay fresh and full. Blooms in late midseason. Large-cupped Daffodils are the workhorses of the Daffodil world. They're good for bedding, picking, naturalizing, forcing, and showing. This class includes the full color range: white, every shade of yellow, orange, and pink. They have one flower to a stem and a cup, which is not as long as their perianth segments but still greater than one-third the length of the segments. Large-cupped Daffodils always look fresh and festive. Narcissus blooms are for many gardeners the first visible signs of spring. These vigorous, long-lived bulbs thrive joyously in sunny, well-drained places, are shunned by hungry deer and voles, and will thrive and multiply with little care on your part, creating a glorious landscape and a horticultural legacy.
  • Mature Height: 16-18 inches
  • Blooms mid spring
  • Prefers sun or part-sun
  • 14/16cm Bulbs
  • Immediate shipping 8 Bulbs