Compact Little Fiddle Tree - Ficus - Great Indoor Tree - Easy - 4" Pot

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Within the past few years, the fiddle-leaf fig trees have been absolutely everywhere, a true must-have houseplant. But now there's an adorable compact version for your indoor garden! Meet Compact Little Fiddle, a new dwarf variety that's max height is about three feet tall and wide, less than half the size of a regular fiddle-leaf fig. Its compact proportions enable the Little Fiddle plant to add eye-catching lushness to your home without taking up too much precious space. Little Fiddle is a great choice for smaller homes and apartments, where a standard-sized fiddle leaf fig might not fit comfortably. They’re also short enough to be displayed on a table top or plant stand. Eventually, Little Fiddle can reach 4 feet in height when grown indoors, but it’s a slow grower so you won’t have to worry about it getting out of control.
  • Mature Height 4'
  • Makes a stunning indoor tree.
  • Easy to grow. If temperatures are below freezing in your area order the plant in the spring.
  • Provide morning sun or bright, indirect light.
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