Claude Shride Turks Cap Lily 1 Bulb - Lilium martagon - Hardy- 14/+cm Bulb

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This is Lilium martagon, one of the most popular Lilium. This perennial is also called Turk's Cap Lily. It is is native to parts of Europe and can reach 2-3 feet tall. It blooms in late Spring to mid-Summer. The flowers are purple, pendulous and sometimes nearly 20 on a stem. The bloom size is up to 2 inches. The flowers are hermaphrodite, they have both male and female organs. Deciduous foliage medium-green and narrow leaves. The foliage size up to 6 inches. Hardiness Zones 3-7, (-37 C/-35 F, -15 C/5 F) in Winter. Use a well drained soil, rich in organic matter with a soil pH slightly acidic to neutral. Water regularly; do not overwater and do not allow the soil to dry out. It grows very nicely in part shade. Lilium Claude Shride . A cherished classic from the 1970s, this Martagon (Turkscap) hybrid displays a tall candelabra of downward-facing, recurved, dark red blossoms highlighted with yellow-orange spots. Because the small, waxy flowers will bloom in light shade, highlight this fine variety with Hostas and other woodlanders. In our gardens, plants really hit their stride in their second year.
  • Lilium martagon, one of the most popular Lilium
  • Also called Turk's Cap Lily. Up to 20 flowers on each stem
  • It is is native to parts of Europe and can reach 2-3 feet tall
  • Bloom Time: Late Spring to mid-Summer. Hardy in zones 3-9
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