Chinese Maple Bonsai 10 Seeds - Acer truncatum

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MAPLE TREES: Maple trees are large, deciduous trees that grow throughout the world. In the United States, they are more common in the northern states. Many people know maple trees for their spectacular fall color. Chinese Maple - Acer truncatum. This quick-growing deciduous tree is like a small Norway maple but with more deeply lobed leaves. Young leaves are a purplish red, summer leaves are green, and fall leaves are a dark, purplish red. Basic Care: Grows best in part shade to full sun. Never allow root ball to dry out completely. Protect tree from direct hot summer sun and winter freezes. Feeding: Fertilize just before and during growing season until autumn about once every two weeks. Water-soluble fertilizers with trace elements are readily available and easy to use. It is beneficial to use a variety of the many brands available. Normally, dilute the fertilizer to half the strength called for. Repotting: Has a vigorous root system, so prune yearly or at least every other year. Prune older specimens every two to three years. Repot before leaves appear in early spring or after leaves fall in autumn. Do drastic root pruning at time of repotting. Eliminate the tap-roots lying directly beneath the base of trunk. Reduce top growth during growing season by reducing the new shoots after they reach five to six new leaves. Reduce to the first two leaves. Makes an excellent, unusual bonsai!
  • Quick Growing
  • Fall Color
  • Shade to Full Sun
  • Makes an excellent, unusual bonsai!
  • 10 Seeds

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