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chastity belt
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The 'chastity belt' plant, or 'chaste tree,' carries several sacred names which more or less directly refer to its reputation as an anaphrodisiac. They inhibit the action of male androgens (sex hormones); therefore, they were used to reduce sexual desire. Dried chaste tree berries have been used in small scale as a pepper substitute, but the taste is rather weak. They might, however, have some merits in spice mixtures for barbecued or fried meat.

Hippocrates--the father of modern medicine--first mentioned Vitex in 450 BCE. Since then, traditional herbalists have recommended the herb for ailments including fevers and headaches, to dispel wind, and to promote urination. Most commonly, though, Vitex was used in the treatment of 'female problems,' and the herb's popularity as a remedy of this kind has continued to grow with time. It is also called the 'Women's Herb.'

Hardiness: Zones 6 to 10. In cooler regions grow as a patio plant outside in the summer and indoors in the winter.
Height: 4 ft.
Spread: 4 ft.
Form: Rounded.
Type: Deciduous shrub.
Annual Growth Rate: More than 18 inches.
Flowers: Purple.

Comments: In warm climates this plant will form a large shrub or small tree, but where winters are cold it will die back to the ground. The foliage is grayish-green and the flowers are purple.

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