Cartoon Foxtail Orchid - Rhynchostylis Gigantea - 2" Pot

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Native to Thailand, this species has fantastic foxtail-like flower spikes that arch over the pot with 15 to 50 flowers. Very fragrant! Grow in medium to very bright light, water when just dry except when in flower (keep slightly moister then) and feed every other time you water. Repot as the mix breaks down (every 4 to 6 years with bark mix) or when roots hang down over the pot and things start getting rangy. Moisten roots first to make them more flexible and then coil them into the new pot and fill in with bark. These can also be grown in teak baskets filled with bark.
  • 2" Pot
  • These exotic plants thrive in any home and make excellent house, dormitory or office plants!
  • Water thoroughly when on the dry side
  • Does best in bright indirect sunlight or morning sun
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