Carob - 10 Seeds - St. John's Bread/Locust Bean

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Carob is native to the eastern Mediterranean, probably the Middle East, where it has been in cultivation for at least 4000 years. The plant was well known to the ancient Greeks, who planted seeds of this plant in Greece and Italy.

This plant is also called St. John's bread or locust bean because the pods were once thought to have been the "locusts" that were eaten by John the Baptist in the Wilderness.

This species is extremely drought resistant and irrigation is not required. It is also free of many pests and diseases, however it is susceptible to Texas Root Rot. After the plant has established itself it requires little maintenance except form pruning to encourage a single stem if required.

  • Botanical Name: Ceratonia siliqua
  • Sow in spring when soil temperatures reach 18°C.
  • Mature pods reach 13-30 cm
  • Full Sun, Drought Resistant
  • 10 Seeds

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