Camas Lily - Camassia leichtlinii Alba - 4 Bulbs - Very Hardy - 14/ + cm Bulbs

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Tall spikes with many starry flowers with long, upright sword-like leaves; native to America, it was sometimes used by the Indians as a food crop; tolerates damp meadows and pond edges as well as heavy clay soils; seems to bloom well in either part shade or full sun; late spring/early summer; zones 3-9 Our pollinators are so important to the sustainability of our gardens and food crops for insect and birds and if each of us participates in healthy gardening practices and chooses some of the pollinator attracting plants, we can collectively make a HUGE difference.
  • Color of Bloom: White
  • Hardy Zones 3-9
  • Mature Height: 12-14"
  • Months of Bloom: Early Summer.
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