Cactus Mix - 50 Seeds - Fascinating!

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Cactus plants are a joy to grow. A mix of plant types, shapes and heights provides a unique assortment. Start seeds inside in pots filled with equal parts of coarse sand and potting soil. Keep warm, moist, and shaded until plants emerge. When plants are established, transplant to larger pots. Feed monthly and protect from freezing. Mixture contains: Cane Cholla, Versicolor Cholla, Compass Barrell, Fishook Barrel, Strawberry Hedgehog, Florence Hedgehog, Organ Pipe, Old Man Cactus, Dollar Prickly Pear, Coastal Prickly Pear, Small Desert Prickly Pear, Large Desert Prickly Pear, Santa Rita Prickly Pear, Purple Prickly Pear, Cardon
  • Days to Germination: 14-21
  • Sun
  • Start Indoors
  • A joy to grow!
  • 50 Seeds