Bright Bikini Mix Strawflower Plant - Everlasting Daisy - Paper Daisy - 3" Pot

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Helichrysum Bikini Bright Mix is a brilliant variety of eye popping color producing a rainbow carpet for border and container plantings. 12" inch tall plants are topped with 2" inch, stiff, papery, double petal flowers in red, pink, yellow and white. This cut-and-come-again variety will bloom extra early bringing on a showcase of color in early spring that lasts through fall frost when harvested regularly. Tolerant of poor soil and rocky conditions, Strawflower is an excellent flash of color for zero-scape gardens. An excellent cut flower used fresh or dried. Strawflowers, often called Everlasting Daisy and Paper Daisy, are native to Australia. In fact, these pretty creatures are considered as wildflowers there. But in other countries, specifically in the United States, Strawflowers are grown by gardeners because of their charming beauty. Strawflowers belong to the daisy family. However, this animated and vibrant plant produces blooms that are quite distinctive— and yes, blooms that are truly fascinating. Strawflowers contain lesser moisture than other flowers, making them ideal for drying. Hence for fresh floral arrangement, it is best to pick strawflowers in the morning when they contain highest amounts of moisture. Strawflowers naturally feel papery and straw-like, which differentiate them from other members of the daisy family. Their long lasting vase life is also one of the reasons why gardeners, florists, and crafters love them. Strawflowers can grow about 2 to 3 feet in height. However, there are also dwarf varieties that can only grow around 20 inches in height. The flowers generally have a diameter of about 2 to 3 inches. They can come in different shades of yellow, rose, orange, red, white and pink. The flowers bloom sometime in the middle of summer up to frost.
  • Zones 8-11 or as an annual in colder climates
  • Blooms all summer through fall
  • Loves the sun
  • Easy to dry
  • Immediate shipping - live plant in a 3" pot, may not be in bloom