Brackenhurst Large Cupped Daffodil - 8 Bulbs - 14/16 cm Bulbs

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The Daffodils have been chosen for their outstanding growth habit and blooming quality. The colors are bright and rich. Ideal for a showy floral display that will add springtime to any garden. These large-cupped varieties are selected and recommended for naturalizing. Large Cupped Narcissus are known for their traditional daffodil shape; a large flower on one stem with a large center cup. These narcissus provide the bright cheery spring colors everyone loves so much. Narcissus are easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade and are well known to be deer resistant.
  • Red-Orange cups contrast with the yellow petals
  • Hardy Zones 2-10
  • Mature Height: 16-20"
  • Blooms Early Spring
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