Bourbon Street Triumph Tulip 8 Bulbs - Exclusive! - 12/+ cm

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Notes of copper and bronze mix with bolder tones of orange and red in the bodacious blossoms of this Triumph. Yellow highlights appear on some petals, adding a trace of sunshine. The very name Tulip is magic, for everyone knows this fine genus. They provide a finishing touch that brings spring borders to life. Plant Tulips in well-drained, good garden soil. Full sun is recommended (at least six hours or more). For more information on Tulip care, click Growing Guide. Triumph Tulips are the result of crossing between long stemmed Darwin Tulips and varieties of the short stemmed Early Tulips. When planted outdoors, their flowering time is in-between these varieties, blooming late April/early May. With their strong stems, large flowers, and medium heights, Triumph Tulips are excellent as pot plants for Valentine's Day and Easter. Also superb in beds or borders.
  • Mature Height: 22"
  • Color of Bloom: Orange
  • Hardy Zones 4-9
  • Bloom Time: April-May
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