Bonfire Tree - Sterculia colorata Bulb - Unique Bonsai/House Plant

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Sterculia colorata aka Firmiana Colorata / Bonfire Tree Family: Sterculiaceae (This family might been incorporated in the Malvaceae family now, as sub-family: Sterculioideae, tribe: Sterculieae) Plant in a good well draining and rich soil mixture. A mixture of cactus soil + organic soil + vermicompost + pumice. When choosing a pot, make sure it suits the diameter and depth. Since the growing profile is like a tree, the bark tends to grow taller underground also - but only in a couple of years time. Remember to water according to your choice of pot also - more porous, more water & vice-versa! Full Sun or filtered window light. Water when soil is dry. Fiery red-orange blooms in March - May. Firmiana (Sterculia) colorata A nice small caudiciform that grows on limestone cliffs. It is a very ornamental plant with scarlet or deep orange flowers looking like a mass of corals on the nude branches in spring It is mostly a jungle species that grows on limestone or on other well drained soil with (usually) large water availability and some sun, but it can endure long periods of dryness. It is rarely cultivated in urban gardens in tropical areas. Cultivation: It is easy to grow and puts on a fanciful display, but it takes years to develop and is not a plant for the impatient gardener. It needs a well-drained soil (e.g. use a mixture for cactus + normal potting soil) with the caudex planted largely above the soil surface. It needs regular watering during the active growing season without too much water. Let the soil become rather dry before watering again. Reduce watering gradually when the leaves dries out in autumn, or else the caudex may rot. Restore normal watering frequency when the leaves starts growing again in spring. Give it plenty of sun, but keep the caudex bulb shaded. Protect from heat in summer. A clay pot is best. It should be overwintered in the greenhouse at temperatures over 12°C (avoid letting temperatures drop lower than 5° C). In the pot they are leafless for about six months. You will receive one bulb, approximately 5-6" in diameter.
  • Unusual Blooms
  • Hardy Zones 11-12 or indoors/patio plant in warmer months
  • Blooms in spring
  • 5-6" Diameter - top size bulb
  • Immediate Shipping one bulb, approximately 5-6" in diameter