Blue Jacket Hyacinth 5 Bulbs - True Blue - FRAGRANT - 15/16 cm Bulbs

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"Blue Jacket" is one of the popular newer hybrids, and no wonder. In the flower world, purple is common but blue is very rare. In fact, true blue is the rarest color in flowers. So here you have it--all the heavenly fragrance of the hyacinth and true blue, too! Planting Hyacinths: Daffodils may be the symbol of spring. Tulips add dramatic color. But its the hyacinths that bring the perfume. One of the most powerfully fragranced blooms in the flower kingdom is the justly famous Dutch hyacinth--the result of hundreds of years of hybridizing a lovely little wildflower from Turkey--now an upright torch of incredible color and unmatched perfume. Very hardy.
  • Extremely fragrant, true blue
  • Very hardy
  • Mature Height: 10-12 inches
  • 15/16 cm bulbs
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