Blue Elf Aloe Plant - 2.5" Pot - Easy to Grow Succulent

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Aloe 'Blue Elf' - A vigorous tight-clumping aloe that grows to 18 inches tall by 2 feet wide with narrow upright gray-blue leaves that contrast well with spikes of orange flowers that appear mostly from early winter to early spring (January-April) but can often have a stray bloom spike anytime in the year. Plant in full sun or light shade - even grows well in deep shade where it is a bit greener, more prostrate and does not flower. This hardy aloe requires only occasional to very infrequent irrigation in Southern California and even grows well in full sun in desert heat. It has proven hardy to around 20° F. Great for mass plantings as a succulent groundcover, as a potted specimen or spotted into the rock or succulent garden - an excellent plant for attracting hummingbirds. Easy to grow house plant. Loves the sun. Water when dry.
  • Mature Size: 1-2' tall and wide, will remain smaller container grown as a house plant
  • Hardy in zones 8-11 or Indoors
  • Native to South Africa
  • Prefers a sunny location
  • Immediate Shipping in a 2.5" pot