Autumn Joy Stonecrop Perennial - Quart Pot

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SEDUM: An excellent rock-hardy plant! Flowering late spring and summer. They enjoy full sun, but some shade is OK. A reliable, hardy and easy to grow perennial, Sedums provide color and interest to your garden from spring to the first snow of winter. This very popular form of Sedum is one of the showiest accents in the late season garden. The large blue-green, fleshy leaves create a very striking contrast in the garden all season. The flowers, which fist begin to form in August start out as rosy-pink, deepen to a nice shade of salmon then slowly turn to rusty orange. The color changing process takes place over several weeks with each color intensifying as the nights get cooler. No perennial border should be with out Sedum 'Autumn Joy'.
  • Hardy in zones 3-9
  • Immediate shipping in one quart pot
  • Flower color: Pink
  • Height: 24-30 inches
  • Loves the sun

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