Asian Bushbeech 10 Seeds - Gmelina asiatica - Bonsai

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From Sri Lanka, this tropical, fast-growing, spiny shrub has an upright habit and is known for producing bright yellow, pendulous, bell-shaped flowers in racemes 2" long. It can grow to 7' and may require seasonal pruning. Ideal for Zone 10. The roots and leaves have been used in India from remote times. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not familiar with the seeds, you will be surprised by their appearance. They are pear shaped and look like they have been cut in half and then hollowed out. When viewing the hollow cavity, the distinct impression is that this seed cannot possibly grow. But there really is a small, fleshy embryo within the wall of the seed coat. It is not visible unless the seed coat is carefully removed, but we do not recommend doing this.

  • From Sri Lanka
  • Tropical
  • Fast Growing
  • Bell-shaped flower
  • Ships from Ohio