Arcadia Broccoli Plant - 3.5" Pot - Great Yields & Taste

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Massive 12-inch Heads Holds flavor when hot! Great for freezing, too -- which is good, because with yields like this, you're going to need lots of storage! Arcadia Broccoli holds mild flavor when hot, dry weather causes others to taste "strong" or bitter. Tall, upright plant produces bright blue-green domes that are 12 in. across, with small beads. Holds tight buds longer than most. Produces many side shoots after main harvest. Its holding qualities make it great for freezing. The worst problem most gardeners have with broccoli is being able to eat it all! A dozen or so plants will feed your family for the season, so you might want to plan successive plantings (or buy a bigger freezer!) A cool-weather crop, it can be grown in spring and fall everywhere, and even in winter in mild-weather areas. Sow seeds directly or transplant into the garden when they have 4 true leaves (about 8 weeks from germinating). Before planting, prepare the soil well, adding nitrogen if necessary and neutralizing heavily alkaline or acid soils. If planting in spring, plan to harvest before the temperature reaches 80 degrees; the heads will bolt in high heat. If planting in fall, start 10 to 12 weeks before first frost date. Space seeds or transplants 18 inches apart in rows 2 feet apart. Harvest the central head first, which will stimulate the production of numerous side-shoots and extend your harvest another few weeks.

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