Apricot Whirl Butterfly Daffodil 4 Bulbs - FRAGRANT - 14/16 cm Bulbs

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A daffodil to watch! Apricot Whirl's white-frothed, apricot-pink corona stands out against a base of ivory-white petals. When fully mature, the delicate, crinkled whorls lie flat to form a pinwheel around the yellow stamens, as if they were meant to spin magically in the wind. Lightly scented, 4" blooms are long lasting. Enchanting at the back of borders, in cutting gardens and in naturalizing settings, Apricot Whirl grows quickly with two stems for double the excitement. Outstanding in bouquets. Butterfly Daffodils are unique among daffodils. There broad, flat, split cups are said to resemble graceful butterflies in flight.
  • Blooms Mid Spring
  • Mature Height: 14-16"
  • Hardy Zones 2-10
  • Pink/White
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