Angel Falls Weeping Eastern White Pine - Pinus strobus Pendula - 5.5" Pot

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Immediate shipping. 5.5" pot, approximately 24" tall Pinus strobus ‘Angel Falls’ originated as a slow-growing seedling of P.s. ‘Pendula’ in 1981 at Iseli Nursery. ‘Angel Falls’ has very long, very narrow, light green needles and a strong weeping habit. Its closely held branches develop graceful draping forms that combine a tall, narrow stature with a broad, flowing skirt. After 20 years of evaluation, the unique tree offers elegance and style and was named after the renowned Venezuelan waterfall. It should be trained when young to develop a central leader, otherwise, it may become more of a sprawling shrub than a tree. As the branches reach the ground they spread out in a flowing skirt adding to the visual appeal. A one-of-a-kind plant that will lend elegance and interest to any garden. Slow growing compared to the species, it puts on about 12-15" a year. It grows best in sun to light shade and fertile, moist, well-drained soil.
  • Proper name: Pinus strobus pendula 'Angel Falls'
  • Easy to grow
  • Zones 3-8
  • Mature Height: 8+ ft. Spread: 2-4 ft.
  • Immediate shipping. 5.5" pot, approximately 24" tall