Amazing Creeping Dogwood Plant - Fruit Like an Apple-Cornus canadensis - 4" Pot

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The world's smallest dogwood (grows only 6" tall) is a low-growing perennial that spreads by rhizomes that creep just under the soil surface. It has one or two whorls of leaves at the top of each stem, topped in late Spring with showy white flowers. In late summer clusters of vivid edible red berries replace the flowers for a second season of interest. The berries have a taste reminiscent of an apple. The Creeping Dogwood can be found growing throughout the northern half of North America, including most of Canada. It is often found in large colonies in areas of dappled shade or along the woods edge. Also known a Bunchberry, Canadian Dwarf Cornel, Canadian Bunchberry, Crackerberry, in China cao zhu yu. Hardy in zones 2-7, very easy to grow. Shade or Partial Shade.
  • Edible fruit that tastes like an apple
  • Hardy in zones 2-7, very easy to grow
  • Loves the shade or partial shade
  • Proper name: Cornus canadensis
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