Alien Eggs Succulent - Haworthia cooperi - 2" Pot - Collector's Series

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Provide sun or very, bright, indirect light. Water when dry. Very rare succulent. Haworthia cooperi, commonly known as Cooper’s aloe, is a diverse species of Haworthia from the family Asphodelaceae. The plant is native to the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa where it can be found growing in lowland plains. This plant is quite the chameleon with many varieties resembling other haworthias. This is why it is sometimes called by other common names such as cathedral windows haworthia and cushion aloe. Even the common name, Cooper’s aloe, is a misnomer because the plant is not actually an aloe, but it is named so because of its resemblance to the fleshy succulent plant. H. cooperi is a slow growing succulent. It produces small clumps of fleshy, bluish green to light green rosettes. The leaves are variably patterned with translucent stripes at the tips called fenestrations. This structure is an adaptation to the harsh light conditions in its native habitat.
  • Easy to grow
  • Prefers very bright, indirect light, or sun
  • Water when dry
  • Slow growing
  • Immediate shipping in 2" pot


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    Alien eggs succulent

    Posted by Rebecca Heredia on Jan 12th 2021

    It was wonderfully packed and the plant was healthy! They shipped it promptly. I absolutely love it!

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