African Kiwano Jelly Melon 10 Seeds - Cucumis - Veggie

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african kiwano jelly melon
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Bright orange, ovoid fruit 9", with numerous prominent spines. Flesh is bright green, watery, and slightly sweet. The dense, liquid pulp is a beautiful emerald green, smelling like banana and tasting like a mix of lime and cucumber. It can be eaten raw or, more popularly, made into a juice or used in sorbets. Cut open the ripe fruit and sprinkle with sugar to enhance the flavor considerably. The seeds are also edible. The horned melon is a vining annual that can be grown practically anywhere, provided there is a warm season. It grows much like pumpkins or watermelons. Plants can produce up to 100 fruits on a single vine. The leaves and stems are hairy. Provide support for the tendrils to grab.Propagation: By seed. Native to Africa, the African melon is now grown commercially on all continents (aside from Antarctica).
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