20 Peacock Orchid Bulbs - Acidanthera murielae 8/+cm

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Peacock Orchid - Acidanthera bicolor Pure white Gladioli-like flowers, decorated with a mahogany blush in the throat. These easy to grow corms produce 6-8 of these beautifully fragrant flowers per stem; an excellent choice for the summer garden! In zones 7-10 the corms can be left in the ground. In severe winters protection with a mulch is advisable in zones 7 and 8. These corms need to be lifted and stored frost-free in the cooler zones. Native to Ethiopia.
  • Deer resistant.
  • Height: 18-24"
  • Prefers sun.
  • Hardy in zones 5-11, elsewhere dig and store in the winter
  • Immediate shipping. 8/+ cm bulbs.